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  • Habit is not mere subjugation, it is a tender tie: when one remembers habit it seems to have been happiness.
    Elizabeth Bowen

  • Sooner or later, the great men turn out to be all alike. They never stop working. They never lose a minute. It is very depressing.V.S. Pritchett

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wish i could be 1/2 as calm/cool/collected as him.

which papers does President Obama read as port of his daily routine

I worked at home for a year. It was wonderful. I saw the kids off every morning. I was there when they got home. The folks I worked with were a time zone behind mine, so I could have a leisurely start to my day including exercise. It was great. I'm sorry it ended.

"which papers does President Obama read as port of his daily routine"

I'm trying to figure out if that was a serious question or if you were channelling Catie Couric...

Obama is a very hard working man.

A very good man, and a very human man.

I live a ten minute walk away from work and can only imagine what a thirty second commute would be like.

i wish i was president for a day

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