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  • Habit is not mere subjugation, it is a tender tie: when one remembers habit it seems to have been happiness.
    Elizabeth Bowen

  • Sooner or later, the great men turn out to be all alike. They never stop working. They never lose a minute. It is very depressing.V.S. Pritchett

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absinthe minded
love it

Really cool blog.


Smug tosser?
Control freak?
Where's the life?
Now I think I'm developing a real hatred for Lewis. Could be sour grapes of course: maybe I myself yearn for a comfortable routine.
But now I feel an urge to check out your Drinkers and Smokers categories, for an antidote.

I don't know what kind of eater Lewis must have been, but I totally disagree with his assertion that eating and reading go along together admirably. I mean, maybe if he's eating a steak everyday with a fork but. . . with my burrito diet, there's no question: VIDEO and eating go together much more admirably.

After reading this, I admire CSL more than before. This ideal day sounds so lovely. And how nice to have someone else prepare the meals (well, I do) and do all the cleaning up (which is my job).

Eating and reading do go well admirably. In our household there is rarely one without the other. Sometimes we get too much into this habit and I wish for a bit of conversation.

As for the afternoon walks, only when I visit the Lake District does that seem inviting. Here in Texas it's 100°F and there is no joy in being outdoors.

I just finished reading Lewis autobiography, 'Surprised by Joy' (http://tinyurl.com/jrp-suprisedbyjoy), last week. Though I did enjoy it, it's a bit of an awkward read. Much of the book reads very matter of factly and there are several words or phrases in each chapter that are lost in translation of the times, but the last few chapters are much more personal (ironic, considering an autobiography should be personal in the first place). For me, the best part was the second half of the book, in which the quote above about his "Bookham pattern" of daily writing is found.

Bookham was a village in Surrey, England where Lewis studied under a tutor in preparation for his college or university exams. The friend he took walks with in Bookham was Arthur Greeves, who would become a life-long friend. A book of letters addressed to Arthur from 'Jack' (as Lewis was known) is found here: http://tinyurl.com/jrp-arthur

In Lewis quote above, he says that after writing all morning, "If a cup of good tea or coffee could be brought me about eleven, so much the better." It's nearly 3pm in my case, today, but never too late to get out of the house in search of my favorite: an Espresso Cubano (Double short shots brewed with two packets of raw sugar)!

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