• Habit is not mere subjugation, it is a tender tie: when one remembers habit it seems to have been happiness.
    Elizabeth Bowen

  • Sooner or later, the great men turn out to be all alike. They never stop working. They never lose a minute. It is very depressing.V.S. Pritchett

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I miss watching his shows, I was 3 when I seen the first one. Such a great man, full of life. We miss you.

Thanks goodness for the "vast wasteland" of television. Mister Rogers is still alive and well. Maybe someday they will be able to find someone else to call after a disaster like Mister Rogers, but he was one of a kind.

he is sooo sweet i wish i watched is shows too!

I am doing a bio on him in school, & he seems like really really sweet guy, he actually was also a minister too. He even wrote books & songs too!!! I wish I wached his! what a sweet guy!!!


I've been watching Mr. Rogers since I was 2 years old and cried when he passed away. What a wonderful article to describe him :)

Great article on Mister Rogers, one of the best. Like Mr. Junod, I was thrilled to find Mister Rogers exactly in person as he was on television. What an inspiration.

I don't want to be Mr. Rogers but I sure wish I was more like him.

What a cool blog. I'm so glad I stumbled across it.

I hated the show, even as a kid. My kid didn't like the show. But you can't fault what he stood for.

Except, the extremes are not necessary. He didn't live longer because he didn't eat meat or stayed too thin. Moderation and balance will serve you well.

I think that's why more people are afraid to try to live healthy - they think they have to take it to these kinds of extremems. You don't.

I read up on him after he died. He was truly an amazing man, and I can't say that about many people. He's the closest I've come to having a hero.

"The bobbing nest of himself"? Go to hell, Esquire.

I didn't realize he was a vegetarian. Very cool. And staying at 143 pounds for at least 31 straight years? Strange and incredible.

He was a beautiful man. :)

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